Get a refill roll of our exclusive SmartWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap for use in all SmartWrap Plastic Wrap dispensers.  Each refill roll comes with 77 meters of our amazing professional plastic food wrap used by gourmet chefs in commercial kitchens everywhere. Creates an airtight seal locking in freshness and flavor while eliminating food odors in your refrigerator.  


Our SmartWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap is microwave safe, Non-Toxic and BPA Free.

Case of 12 Professional Plastic Wrap Refill Rolls

SKU: 12-793573140760
  • The minimum order for this product is three cases which is 36 rolls. One case contains 12 rolls. The price per roll is kr52 excluding VAT. The price per roll including VAT is kr66,25. The price for the case is kr795 including VAT. 

  • The suggested retail price is kr89. Per the wholesale agreement you signed with us, the plastic wrap refill rolls may not be sold for less than kr89. You may sell them for more if you desire.