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Our Company, Our Story, and Who We Are

SmartWrap is a division of A&H Enterprises in Norway. A&H Enterprises was founded in August 2014 by Agnar and Heidi Jo Hannisdal. The mission of A&H Enterprises is to seek out innovative products that are in need of European representation and bring those products to the European market. We are very selective with the products we are willing to represent because we believe they reflect on our reputation. For that reason, we only represent products that we believe in 100%. Honesty, transparency, and integrity are some of the key building blocks of our company, and we are proud to stand behind all of our product lines which currently include: FuelSav, Descal-a-matic, and SmartWrap.

So, why exactly did we choose SmartWrap? Well, one day Heidi was shopping in the States at a store called the Kitchen Window in Minneapolis. She wasn't shopping for anything specifically, but she was on a mission to get a great gift for her Mama! At the check-out counter, she found this super colorful box sitting next to the cash register. Curious, she picked it up and started playing with it. A smile exploded on her face and she exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! I NEVER have to fight with plastic wrap again!" In that moment, she fell in love with SmartWrap. 


When Heidi moved to Norway, she needed more of that amazing plastic wrap that is so thick and clingy and can go in the microwave, but she couldn't find that level of quality of plastic wrap or SmartWrap dispensers anywhere. It was then that she thought, "We've got to bring this to Norway!" So, she did. A&H Enterprises now exclusively produces dispensers for all of Europe. Read for yourself what local customers in Norway have to say about SmartWrap on our Customer Reviews page. 

You can buy SmartWrap dispensers for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper, as well as refill rolls on our website, and soon you will be able to buy them in retail stores close to you! 

We know you will fall in love with SmartWrap once you try it! Everyone who sees it thinks it is super smart! It isn't one of those great gadgets that are cool, but you only use it every couple of weeks or months; it is something you will use EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

Heidi Jo Hannisdal


Heidi has a passion for her faith in God, her hubby, Agnar; her two little girls, and helping people to find smart ways of doing things. She is originally from the States and holds a business degree in consulting and international finance from William & Mary.

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Agnar Hannisdal

Director of Sales

Agnar is first and foremost a family man, and when he has a spare moment, you'll find him laughing and playing with his little girls. Professionally he is a Captain in the Norwegian Military, and has an education in fine mechanics.

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