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Get a refill roll of our exclusive SmartWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap for use in all SmartWrap Plastic Wrap dispensers.  Each refill roll comes with 77 meters of our amazing professional plastic food wrap used by gourmet chefs in commercial kitchens everywhere. Creates an airtight seal locking in freshness and flavor while eliminating food odors in your refrigerator.  


Our SmartWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap is MICROWAVE SAFE, NON-TOXIC, and BPA FREE.


Some customers ask whether it is possible to put any brand of plastic wrap in the dispenser, and the answer is YES! However, once you've tried SmartWrap's extremely high quality, professional grade plastic wrap, you won't want to go back to the cheap stuff. Most consumers only buy plastic wrap between two to three times per year, so the extra cost for a product that is healthier, more functional due to its high cling factor, and EASY to use, is more than worth it! Treat your yourself and your family to SmartWrap's Plastic Wrap refill rolls!

SmartWrap Plastic Wrap Refill Roll

SKU: 793573140760
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